Wednesday, June 11, 2008

bobby pins are my pixie dust

I had a really fun day. I was expecting to share tons of fun pictures of the fair we were going to tonight, my friends and I. Too bad we are crazy people and the fair didn't start until tomorrow! and we even walked with the kids all the way there and found out that it was closed. It ended up being a super fun walk and then we went out for dinner! so it all ended well.

My favorite part of the evening was that when we got to the fair and saw it was closed, Jim told the kids that it was really an "unfair" and it was :D

I am super tired today, I think I am going to go to bed early and get a start on tomorrow.

I did however, score myself 2 tickets to the Alkaline Trio on my birthday which rules. I also found out that bobby pins are my pixie dust. :D


Anonymous said...

Heh, Pixie Dust!

Know where I can get some of that?

xoa said...

I leave bobbypins everywhere I go. Seriously, it's the one casualty of a nice updo.