Friday, June 6, 2008

There was a time and a place that was all full of mistakes.

Sigh....., originally uploaded by laurensmashtoys.

And a face that was all full of shit.
I was frustrated and angry.
I was more than alive.
A catcher in the rye.
I was a jet plane, a thin membrane.
Washing and preening and shedding all hope.

Its been a hard week for me. For a bunch of reasons. I left someone I really care about after a visit I thought was going to go another way.

I feel like he talks to me in doublespeak there are words and then there are meaning. I am feeling let down, which is fitting cause I let him down.

I really feel like my heart is not whole right now. I am hoping that the future holds good things for me. I am positive that it will.

I just want to be happy with myself. And right now I am not happy! The only thing keeping me ok is sewing and hope.

I did get my first money saved in my bank account! That is good for me. It can only go upwards from here in the saving mode.

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