Saturday, June 14, 2008


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I went to the fair finally, when it was open. It was fun with the kids. It did pour rain all over us and i was freezing, but it was still fun. I got some cute pictures and all. Too bad my camera ran out of batteries and is charging right now.

I have been drawing a ton lately. Not great stuff, but it is totally fun for me. My micron is dead, I have to go buy a couple more soon. I use them up for sure. I don't mind using ball point pens really though.

I need to get some new supplies and work on some new projects. You should see my bedroom right now though, its a hella mess. I have my drums, a bed, a sewing table, a dresser, tons and tons and tons of fabric and craft supplies. All over the place. Oh and my tons of clothes and no hangers. It makes me crazy being in there. Soon I will be out and on my own.

I have been sort of a flake lately, but I am feeling much more in control and that is good. I feel good about stuff right now, and I think I am moving forward which rules.

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