Saturday, January 3, 2009


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Forgive the horrible pics! I can't find my camera, I really should ask Ryan if he knows where it is. He usually has some knowledge of my gadgets, just ask him about "his" Ipod. I am pretty sure I'm going to lose that cute little machine up there pretty soon too, seeing as how we just each ordered a game! He is a little thief! And I love him anyways! I will just be happy right now that I have my one game to myself while we are waiting! It really hasn't been too far from my hands since I got it!

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LauraJ said...

Happy New Year! A just got a new DS this week. Guess where it is? In mama's bed under her pillow because she likes to play at night and new gadgets are more fun than old ones. (We've got the first heavy as a brick generation DS, but I find it so clunky and the screen quality is so much different than the Lite.)