Friday, January 2, 2009

Let's rock 2009!

Let's rock 2009!, originally uploaded by laurensmashtoys.

Ooh my 2 favorite things I received! My daddy sent me a DS(for which I own 1 game, Brain Age) and my super awesome handmade mug that Ryan's mom made for us! Yay for family who loves us! I am going to try and blog more this year, especially since I am feeling much more on my feet this year, and I am where I belong. :D Lots of exciting things this year are going to come from Miss LaurenSmash, that is for certain! For starters, I am going to host a Valentine swap! I sure hope you'll join me! More details on that soon, soon, soon!


capello said...

griff wanted a ds BADLY for christmas but we got him a didj instead.

now i'm wanting a ds. and a wii. and no, i'll never grow up!

s.jane said...

You need to get Animal Crossing for the DS because I know you love cute stuff just as much as I do!