Monday, January 5, 2009

My knitting!

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Well It is official, I can knit in a line.

I am really going to learn more this year! One of my goals even! I did skip my knitting club meeting tonight, only because I am the newest knitter and I don't have a project and I feel silly just knitting back and forth, even though it is awesome to hang out and sit and talk with a bunch of super cool peeps.

Next week though, for sure. I bought circular needles but they are hard. I have been trying to look up tutorials and all of that but man, I just need to take a class. I am trying to get some money together to take a hat class at one of the places around me, it is just that old thing of, where is that money going to come from. Sometimes I wish I could not pay my car payment or something, you know? I want to take the sock class too so I can be one of those rad sock knitters. I would love that. And it would be cool to make some sweaters. I was on Ravelry and you know I have about a million sweaters in my mind saved on there!

For now though, I am totally good with making a long line of yarn. Soon I will rip it out and try some new stiches. But, you better believe it baby, 2009 is the year of sweaters for this little lady. I do live in San Francisco you know, its cold here!

P.S. Please save the handmade toys. I am a toy girl and I will get some stuff up on that in the next little bit, but I love making toys, I love having people like my toys and I would love to keep selling toys. Please support!

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Tessa said...

Yay for knitting! I'm so proud of you!! You know, I have a really easy "My First Hat" pattern that I wrote for brand new circular knitters - you might not have to take that class after all! I will email it to you if you email me at tm1224(at)gmail(dot)com and remind me. :)