Wednesday, May 6, 2009


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I added a few things to my etsy today! I am actually quite proud. I will be adding stuff a little bit at a time until I get caught up. I have just been so lazy with photographing things which is not a good quality to have when you try and sell things online I guess...

Like I am kind of trying to sell my car. It seems I just *cannot* get myself to take a photo of it so I can try and craigslist it. Hmmm all in good time I guess.

I have been really good about sewing lately, it has been so nice. I did take time to relax last night and not worry about getting anything accomplished. I had to do laundry though so I am not sure I got the good end. I relaxed, but just in between dragging stuff down to the laundromat. I do really miss having a washer and dryer in my apartment.

I have also been good about making a list and feeding myself every night this week. A tereaki stir fry is on the menu for tonight :D I may even venture across the street and get a coke to have it with. Yum!

My week is good. I am thinking about buying some fabric from My Paper Crane to make a quilt out of. Have you seen her fabric from Spoonflower? It is amazing. I need a new quilt too.

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Erin with an E said...

I have had a new car for a little over a month now and my old car is still sitting in my parent's driveway, un-Craigslisted. So don't feel bad...I'm a car-selling-procrastinator, too.