Tuesday, May 12, 2009

sewing is for fun

Hilda, originally uploaded by laurensmashtoys.

SO, I have been riding my bike to work, its pretty fun :D I like not having to ride the bus home and not having to pay for parking. My moped is pretty awesome that is for sure. I also got to sleep 10 minutes later than I should have and even though getting on the BART(subway) cut it *pretty* close today, I still made it and that makes me glad.

I did nothing last night, I was super lazy pants. Sometimes I don't feel like I can spread out here in this apartment and just do my thing. That is what happens when you live with lotsa boys. I am going to commit to sewing tonight. I am loving making these moths. Their antennae make me happy. Especially since Ryan and I are going to be bad and go and get pizza :D

Last night I did watch basketball and then more basketball and make tacos. I thought I should mention that because I feel it counts for something.

I need to get flour, I feel like making brownies from scratch. Or maybe fudge. Fudge sounds super yummy. I need to get on some planning ideas for Christmas, cause I always try to do the right thing and wait until September but that always leads me to not having anything for anyone till last minute. I have some cute ideas this year. So whatever, I am a crafter, Christmas comes really early. Alright fine, I will just start planning for our little birthday fun because have I mentioned to you that my birthday is less than 2 months away? I love my birthday. :D

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