Sunday, May 31, 2009

Maker Faire!

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I was lucky enough to get to help out today with the Museum of Craft and Folk Art's booth at Maker Faire! So. Much. Fun. I got to hang out with the ever lovely Betsy and help some fun people make little woven paper notebooks. I had a great time. I thoroughly enjoy hanging out with the people who work with this organization, and I love to be able to craft with people who may not normally get to do fun projects all of the time. I really love crafting more than anything else I do, and strive to have it in my everyday life as much as possible. I have been really lucky to be able to be around this fun group of ladies and crafters. I was also excited because I saw a bunch of my lovely friends that I get to see really only around craft show time! Tammy from Roxy Craft, the lovely Danielleorama and her husband ed, and miss Claire from Absolutely small! I was kind of jealous, I mean I really wish I was selling, but I honestly didn't think I would have enough stuff to sell from Fanime from the weekend before. Ah, well, next year my friends! I didn't even apply. sigh.

I am going to and sew tonight, I have the movie Changeling that I rented and I am also going to try and make some dinner right quick :D
I really enjoy watching movies and sewing. I can have it on in the background and listen while I sew.

Oh! I saw the *scariest* funny movie last night! Drag me to Hell! It is the new Sam Raimi movie. I absolutely loved it. The only problem I had with it, is that Bruce Campbell is usually in every Sam Raimi movie(he was in Spiderman for a cameo for goodness sakes) and he wasn't even in it for two minutes. So disappointing. That is the love of my life you know, I love him!

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