Saturday, May 9, 2009

I love May

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It is *so* beautiful outside today! Baby and I went for a walk and just sat in the sun for awhile cause my body just wanted to soak it up!

I am trying to be more productive today. I need to take my moped to the shop to get the brakes fixed so I can stop riding the bus. Truth is, I am a little afraid of the shop people, I think I have a little social anxiety or something. I am sure they would be perfectly nice when I got there but it makes me anxious to think about actually going there. hmmm. I am weird.

I do however, *have* to get fabric today for my show. I need to get into the habit of 3 things a night this week and next for the show. I want to have a bunch of stuff to sell. I think my elephants are one of my cleanest designs that I make and I think I will make a few more of those too for the show.

I am thinking that I might need a part time job soon...I think I would like to work at a movie theater, or a bookstore. They both sound nice. I would probably spend all of my money if I worked at a bookstore though. Hmmm. Something to thing about.

I think I need a new plant. Did I mention that I overwatered my succulent and it is dying? sadness. Who does that?! Me I guess. I have as green of a thumb as my mother I guess.

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