Wednesday, August 12, 2009


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I had a super boring work day today. So unfulfilling sometimes. That is why the prospect of school is so enchanting I guess :D

Ryan and I have been watching stuff on hulu lately. For me its been way too many episodes of Intervention while sewing tiny toys. But last night we even watched a bunch of SNL skits and it was very entertaining. I like being able to watch *something* sometimes, especially when I sew cause I love the background noise, but I do not enjoy sitting on a couch watching TV all of the time. In oakland it was always the Food Network. :D

I have been thinking that it is about time for me to start working on a quilt for myself. My old one is very much loved and really shabby and about 7 or 8 years old. I am thinking this time I go for binding even! Woo Hoo. Walking on the wild side. I do want it to be with good fabric, so I need to save my pennies and go to Hart and pick out some cutesy Heather Ross fabric I think. That lovely Unicorn print is calling to me. I am also thinking about Hedi Kenney's stacking doll fabric. That makes me smile too. Oooh, there is always the prospect of making my own too. But for that I need to borrow a scanner. Ours is dead.

I am getting carried away. There always a few projects on my mind at all times. I am sure you are like this too. I also have 2 patterns for stuff I need to make, one is a fleece jacket that is *super* cute. I know you don't believe me, but just wait. And also I have a super cute skirt pattern that is gonna look *real* special with tights and a cardy. I wish I had more pennies for fabric that is for sure! I think I am going to need to start a 365 on flickr for crafting.

I'd love to know what is on your project list for the future!


Danielleorama said...

These little girls are so CUTE! How would next weekend be for a visit?

LaurenSmash said...

yes! :D give me a date and I will drive my booty down there! :D