Sunday, June 7, 2009

A day away

We packed up our blanket, some toys, some food and the pup and drove over the Golden Gate Bridge up to Stinson Beach today! It was so lovely.

Well, at first it was frustrating. We drove to Stinson Beach, found out that there were no pets allowed on the beach. After a quick discussion we decided that we could not enjoy ourselves on the beach with Baby in the car hanging out. So, back to the car, and more driving up annoyingly wind-y highway 1 for about another half an hour looking for another beach. There were none to be found and we kept going further and further into trees and forests and away from the coast. Needless to say we were hungry and frustrated at that point and we just wanted to go the beach! So, after another quick discussion, we decided that we could in fact enjoy ourselves on the beach with Baby in the car.

But as luck would have it, we are unobservant people and went 10 feet further down Stinson Beach after we got back and found the Pet Beach. D'oh! So unpack we did, and all of us snuggled up on the beach with some cheese and crackers and fruit and tomatoes ! Yum!

After a little while, we decided to take Baby down the beach to run! She loves to run into the water and bite it, then with a huge burst of energy, run out of the water and weave and chase and overall have a nice time. So for awhile we were ran and played and took pictures and all of that. Finally, we decided to go back and lay on our blanket. But wait! When we looked at our spot we discovered that our picnic was taken over by giant seagulls! We rushed back to our little place and chased the birds away(one of Baby's favorite pastimes!) and found that they ate *all* of our yummy food, even our Rontel onion and garlic cheese spread (they stuck their mangy beaks in and then helped themselves to the bag of crackers! )Those silly scavengers. After a good laugh about it we all snuggled on the blanket for a good long time sitting in the sunshine and just hanging out. It was so nice.

Then, when it started to get a little chilly, we packed on in and headed home. It was a lovely day and a lovely way to escape the busy city for a few hours! I love living by the ocean!

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Erin with an E said...

That sounds like so much fun!! Except for the birds. Ugh, birds are so crafty and evil. They were probably just watching and waiting for you to leave your food unattended...