Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sunshine, an alley, and the end of 1984

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There is an alley right by my apartment, I love just sitting on the sidewalk against a building and escaping my busy city life. Sometimes it can be too much, you know? :D For me it is all about getting to sit in the sunshine, toasty warm, with a nice breeze and a good book in my hands!

I finally finished my book today! I have tried to read 1984 by George Orwell before and I have always had a very hard time. It is very dry, and I have a habit of falling asleep when I get into it. I decided this time was going to be the one and I really got into the story, it is very political, which is not really the types of stories that I enjoy, but for some reason it really hit home for me! It was a weird little parallel with how the times have been and I really enjoyed it and was a tiny disappointed in the end. I loved Winston's courage and was disappointed by what happened.

I didn't get to go to Santa Cruz today, but the time by myself has been relaxing, I walked my pup, read my book, and now I am going to go find myself some dinner!

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