Thursday, June 4, 2009

my hair loooks weird

SPT 6-4-09, originally uploaded by laurensmashtoys.

Here I am working in my spot on a lovely thursday afternoon! Working has been nice but also trying for sure. Today was good, we were busy and my day was short feeling. I am ready for my weekend. I am ready for my Ohio vacay, seeing Missy and my fam will be a recharger for sure. I am glad to not be there full time, but I need the warmer summertime weather! SF is a freezing tundra, sort of like Alaska I would assume...:D Soon Lauren, soon...

I am hopefully going to Santa Cruz on Saturday for some sun, relaxing and sewing and of course hanging out with a lovely plush friend, Danielle :D San Francisco can make me feel dirty and city-logged sometimes. I just made that word up I think hehehehe Sometimes you need to drag yourself(however hard it is to convince yourself that you actually enjoy driving in a car)and drive to somewhere just out of the city limits. I love Santa Cruz. I am pretty sure they issue you a beach cruiser and a Santa Cruz hoody when you move in, and maybe a skateboard and a surfboard(j/k) but its lovely and there is good food and great company! And Seals! :D

The rest of the weekend is a tossup. I am going to try and sew and also, hopefully there is some red wine and good food,,, :D Lets hope I get through Friday!

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