Thursday, June 11, 2009

glooooooorius coffee

glooooooorius coffee :D, originally uploaded by laurensmashtoys.

Oh hey! Look I made coffee.

At. My. House.

I have been without a coffee pot for toooooo long. 9 months to be exact. For that long my caffeine intake has consisted of only some fancy Blue Bottle coffee if I got to go to Ryan's market, or the same fancy pants stuff at the market down the street, or foldgers icky brown dust water from work. And all of those options left me without my much loved and much needed evening cup of joe being as it was that for some reasons all my markets around me won't make coffee after 5pm!

So, when Ryan's work started carrying the drip coffee ceramic thing, I knew I was back in business. I bought one up. No it doesn't matter to me that I had to make it in a water glass today because my coffee mug Joan made me is in the dishwasher(from wine drinking, wait is that weird) All that matters is that my sweet sweet night time coffee ritual is back.

And that means more sewing. Cause right now, after I finished that big cup of the good stuff, I am jazzed and hyper and out of control.


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