Wednesday, June 10, 2009

walking home

walking home, originally uploaded by laurensmashtoys.

I have now started(for about a week) walking to and from the BART station. It is awesome. It takes about the same amount of time as riding the bus, and its less icky, more entertaining, saves me $3 a day and I feel better about myself when I get home.

I love getting to experience San Francisco from this sort of perspective. It is especially fun because I get to see all sorts of different types of people in the 30 minutes or so it takes me to get from A to B.

In the morning, I start out is Russian Hill, where I live, full of well off people, a lot of which during the morning are getting their coffees and pushing their kids in strollers, I then venture through a tiny part of Chinatown which is just waking up. It is neat to see all of the stores opening up, putting out their produce, and people already shopping for their days. After Chinatown, I venture through North Beach, which is San Francisco's Little Italy. It is also a huge place for tourists and is empty in the morning. After my tour through North Beach, I end up in the Financial district which is hustling and bustling with the office folks(like myself) starting their day.

In the evening it is opposite, Financial District is empty, North Beach is full, Chinatown is shutting down, and home is filled with families and people ready to relax after a long day. Just like me.

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