Sunday, June 14, 2009

Shooting Star

0612091117.jpg, originally uploaded by laurensmashtoys.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I got to spend mine with my boy and my dog and I do not need much else in my life!

I forgot to show you this pretty little pin I picked up on etsy! It is a shooting star and it is much more lovely in person. It sparkles like you wouldn't believe! I am always loving on pins. I think my mom turned me onto them. I don't know...

I was looking up patterns this weekend of things I want to make and I think I have found an essential skirt pattern, a lovely little jumper and a gorgeous dress. I will show you my progress when I get them in the mail.

I spent way too much of my Saturday in the embarrassing to say JoAnns debating over the prettiest fabric that would make the world's loveliest quilt. I was short on cash because I don't get paid every two weeks like most of the world. I will have some more scrilla tomorrow and maybe I will go back for that fabric. I could always use a new blanket! I use the same quilt that I made when I was in college and scarily enough it was 10 years ago that I made it as a scaredy pants little freshman. It is my favorite thing, but I could totally always use a new snuggly little item in my life!

Anyways, I am rambling. I am sleepy and I will be back tomorrow!

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