Saturday, April 24, 2010

12 i am really bad with Fridays!

I think it is because most of the time I come home, eat dinner, watch 30 rock and fall asleep. You know? but I am trying to be better!

Today I went with my lovely lady friends to a super fun craft show. I saw a lot of awesome people, especially my good friend Polly from Pollyanna Cowgirl! She is always so sweet and I got this AWESOME dino necklace that I may never take off...

now I am exhausted and don't have the energy to take a picture of the awesome mug of elephants doing the nasty, orgy style that I picked up from an ESTATE SALE! It was amazing. I have never seen an old lady own so many Playgirls.

Also I got some really cute tiny feather fascinator bobby pins that I will take a photo of tomorrow to show you. No light + sleep girl = no fun pictures.

Now I am drinking some coffee before I die, then walking the dog.

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