Sunday, April 11, 2010

I think I am going to blog every day for a year starting now

Hi. I am challenging myself to stick to this! It will be good for me. And I am sure you care what I do day to day, right? haha.

That is my bored face. Sometimes on Sundays I feel really motivated. This was not one of those Sundays. :) We did get some errarnds done, boring stuff but stuff that needed to be done none the less. I wanted to work on this dress:

But, I didn't get to the fabric store in time(mostly due to laziness) and so I didn't get the fabric I wanted to make with this pattern and now I am not feeling like doing any work. I saw a really cute dress made out of that pattern, which I bought a hundred years ago when I was still in Ohio, and it inspired me to hop to it! So that is going to be a big project for me this week!

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Erin with an E said...

I care about what you do everyday! I'll be tuning in for my daily Lauren reports...although I might have to read a few at a time, cause I can't get on the internet daily...but still.... ;)