Wednesday, April 28, 2010

16 more stuff on etsy i love

I spend way too much time on etsy. I love it more than I should. Here are some things I really want. Come on lucky scratch off ticket. I will you to happen.

This necklace from roundabout on etsy is super awesome. I need a cute outfit and a fun date that wants to buy me a glass of wine to wear it with.

Then I saw this sweater pattern from Good Egg by Sarah Graves. I died immediately. Then I came back to life and remembered that I can't knit. Yet. I have to have it!

And then this. THe coolest thing ever. I have always wanted a sweater clip, they are so fashion-y and adorable. I have to have this skeleton hand one before I explode. It is by ItsaSwindle. It is quite possibly the thing I want most.

I am a nerd. Right now I have awful allergies and am drowsy from lovely benedryl. ugh

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