Tuesday, April 20, 2010

9! Sketch Tuesday

The gallery 111 Minna does a super fun thing called sketch tuesdays. Once a month fancy artist-types draw and hang their art to sell. You have to get invited to sit at the table and there are neat people who are drawing. Spectators like myself can sit on the sidelines and draw or watch the art being made. It is a fun live art show. I get bored drawing quickly so I brought supplies for plushy making. I made a blue bear.

He likes beer apparently. Maybe it calms him from his shark attacked arm and ear.

Here is Ryan drawing some stuff. All in all a rocking good time. I like to think that the people in the background are having an intense conversation about craft versus art. Not really, but I felt weird crafting at an art thing...


Ashley Langtry said...

I like to think he is lecturing her about how she snuck in a flask and spiked that iced tea she is drinking.
It is not that he minds her when she is drunk, becuase in fact he prefers her that way, she just gets a little clumsy and is worried she would spill said drink on some of the sketches.
Wet sketches arent good for anyone.

LaurenSmash said...

haha that is a good story too! :)