Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Crazy sick..

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So I am just getting over some sort of weird super bug. I am glad to be done with it. Sunday, I spent time over my friend's house and didn't watch the superbowl. It was nice. But right as I was leaving, her daughter told everyone individually that she puked. Then my friend said she wasn't feeling good either. Hmm weird, I said to myself.

Until the next day, when I was out and started to feel like total shit. I rushed home and when I got there I started to vomit every ten minutes for like 3 hours. It sucked. Then it was like every 1/2 hour until I finally fell asleep. All yesterday I felt super drained and horrible and achey but I managed to keep all the liquid I was drinking down. I slept all the day away hardly getting up out of the chair I had situated myself in. The night ended with me wanting ice cream and forcing myself in snow boots, pajama pants and a sweater to get in my car and drive to Dairy Queen for a Banana cream pie blizzard. It totally made me feel better. I listen to my body when it tells me it wants something. It mostly makes me feel better.

I will say that Monday before I vomited my guts out, I had a burrito(my previous sick craving) and I promise you that it will be a *long* time before I have another burrito. That is sad for so many reasons, but trust me, I don't want one for a long time.

Today I think I will attempt food and actually do something! Yay. :D

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