Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Yesterday I felt the urge to bake. It was mostly from talking to Dan and also everytime I read Heidi Kenney's blog, I feel like I am slacking in the baking department. I will have to make more recipes. This cake is really good, really cinnamon-y and such, it is from a crisco ad from like a gazillion years ago that my mom uses. I should have taken a pic from when it was cut, but I don't know.

The past few days have been weird, I am in a little bit of a slump, seriously affected by the weather. Not having any ideas to sew, not being able to draw what I want, all that stuff. Messy tiny room, you know what I am saying. Today at work though, I was busy trying to think Spring in this crazy winter blizzard that is hitting Cleveland right now, and I came up with some really cute springy ideas for myself. I am really excited about them!

I have been walking again, just on the treadmill, I figure that if I can sit on my ass for 1/2 an hour and watch t.v., then I can walk for the same amount of time and watch t.v. And it makes me feel good. It does depress me just a bit, because I want to ride my bike(which I had to leave in california) and I can't because it is seriously cold and snowy. I can't wait until it warms up, just a little bit even! Just enough where I can buy a bike and ride it around my hood.

Today, cutting some fabric, walking a couple miles, and snuggling. Yep, its gonna be a nice night.

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