Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sugar isn't gross....Sugar is GREAT!!

Bang Trim..., originally uploaded by laurensmashtoys.

Ahh...this weekend was definitely ULTIMATE. I had a super great wonderful time. Saturday was filled with great stuff:

Juno(I loved it for sure. It was super cute and touching),Driving around C-town, reading thrasher and slap(good old J-Fish), a little hair cut(a super good one I might add...Just look at that rad bang-style), hanging out at JoAnns(I learned the use of many fabrics that I hadn't thought of and also have been inspired to have jeans with gold thread for Cedar Point), margaritas and enchiladas, some crazy bands in Kent (at the old Screwy Louies, oh my god) and even French Toast(the best french toast ever). For real. Super awesome-ness.

Today I spent a bunch of time with my family of best friends. I learned that sugar is great and that Jackson is 6. (Jackson is Sydney's imaginary friend that lives at Africa in a blue house. He has a sister named Fagion)

I have some fun planned for tomorrow, good old appointment with a temp agency. This week is bound to be exciting and fun.


Knitting Mama said...

I absolutely love your haircut. Been meaning to style my hair lately.. I'll get around to it..! Apparently bangs on me makes me look like a 6 yr old (according to my husband).

BeckyKay said...

Oh, I love imaginary friends! My 4 year old son has an imaginary sister named Sally. She's 5.