Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I lost all train of thought, as I entered the room...

Wow, I am in a really good mood today! I got a little sewing done last night, I am going out to dinner, things are good!

I do miss my best friend a bunch, we are on opposite shifts for our works and it sucks kind of. She works nights. I had a great time before I got a job of going over her house and hanging out almost every day.

By the way, it is f-ing cold here today. I am freezing my little but off. It was like in the 50's the other night and today it didn't make it out of the teens. At my job I have to wear skirts and dresses(yes I know that is weird) and I thought I was going to die walking to my car after work today. It is crazy. I heard this weekend is supposed to be sort of warm though. I am excited because I am going out to party with a bunch of girls in a limo-bus. I have never been in a limo or a limo-bus before. I can't wait, its gonna be super fun.

Last night I felt so bad. I don't know if any other plush designers do this but I was sewing along and I found out that I was out of polyfil. So I sacrificed a few older toys that I was bored of and stole their polyfil. Is that mean? I sort of felt like a jerk and counter productive, but whatever. It was stuff I wasn't that happy with and that I felt could be sacrificed for more fun stuff. :D I am really excited about my new little plush, they are nymphs. Really they are kind of monsters. I love their curly ears.

Did I tell you that my future sister-in-law wants me to make chocolates for her wedding favors? That is so exciting and fun! I am super honored. They did come out super tasty though and she *should* want some yummy Lauren Smash chocolates on her day of wedded bliss.

Tomorrow, I plan on sew sew sewing and going to work and remembering my lunch so I don't have to buy soup.


Knit & Purl Mama said...

Love the hair 'do!

Kim I said...

What kind of sexist place do you work that makes the girls wear skirts and dresses? Do the men have to wear knickers and have hair above the ear?

missysioux said...

hey lucifer, RIP to your toys that "weren't good enough". J/K. hey, i've made shirts out of pillowcases - does that count? it's repurposing, not sacrificing. i miss you too. it will just make the next time we talk that much better.

Anonymous said...

I think it's cool that you work somewhere where girls have to wear skirts and dresses - it's nice that you have an excuse to dress up and look girly. What do you do, BTW?