Thursday, February 21, 2008

Yes I have a lawn chair in my living room...

I am leaving soon for my haircut and I am very excited. I haven't even decided all the way what I am going to do. It is going to be shiny though, that I promise. :D I love getting my hair cut :D

My fingers hurt today from sewing. It is pretty awesome. I have recently noticed some pretty awesome callouses on my fingertips from sewing. I don't know why but that makes me super proud.

I made a bunch of stuff last night. It was fun, I love sewing so much.

For the record, I can't believe that it is Thursday already! I am looking forward to this weekend, especially some quality fun time with my bestest friend, Missy Sue.

I am thinking about getting some cool paper stuff and making some cards like the one I made for valentine's day. It came out cute. I want to make some smaller cards for when someone buys something so that I can have some ready and just write a thank you on it and send it out. I am also thinking that is going to be the way I am going to do my business card. I really need to get one made up soonish. It is going to be show season coming up here soon and I need to get my shit together that is for sure! Real business cards. Wow.

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