Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The countdown continues...

I am going to try and stay away from telling you every day how close to leaving I am. I am very excited though so you can imagine that is what is mostly on my mind right now...

I am trying to keep focused, at work(I am still working today through friday)and also at home, sewing and cooking and all of that. It is hard though. I keep daydreaming about what it is going to be like!

Yesterday was fun, I worked on this little elephant in pants:


He is wearing courderoy pants because I love sewing courderoy pants for toys. I don't know why.

I also got to work on my first Boy koala, He is wearing some fun robot pants.


I wish I would have bought more of this fabric. But I know if I bought as much fabric as I wanted of all the fabric I really like, I would drown in a sea of it.

Yesterday Ryan and I also took the dog to go to the Albany waterfront park. I talk about that place a lot. I love that you can crawl all over the rebar and concrete of what seems like a million years past. The problem is, that it is on the San Francisco Bay and since the oil spill the water surrounding it is kind of mucky and gross. Of course my dog decided to jump full force into the gross mud and cover herself in it. I was so grossed out. I didn't even want her in my car but I had to get her home. We ended up giving her a bath and now she at least smells good. I think, I don't have a sense of smell.

I also bought some new c.d.s to make copies of Ryan's music. Today I am going home a little late, Ryan started his winter drawing intensive class. He is going to have 2 weeks of 8 hours a day straight drawing. He really loves that class. Tonight, I am going to work on some toys and start organizing my mess. I need to pack up my supplies and stuff this weekend. Crazy!


LauraJ said...

Plushes in pants is just too cute!!

Danielleorama said...

Those look like 2 cool dudes! excellent colors miss!

Claire said...

Hey, your blog looks great! I like the redesign. And your new plushies are of course adorable!