Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I need that song, those trusty chords to pull me through...

oh dear, the sunshine is out today and I feel my mood lift a lot. I love that. It is amazing how much the sun affects your mood! For me it is a lot at least, when I was in California there was so much of it, I had almost forgot there were places where you get almost none! Of course my mood could have something to do with margaritas and enchiladas, but who knows... :D

I did get a few things sewn up yesterday, a periwinkle lion for my little friend Quinn and a white lion in heart pants for my shop! And even a little puppy dog pouch which I love.

The plans for today include a ton more sewing, some lion delivering and hopefully a bunch of fun. Maybe I will make some sort of cake. I like cake :D

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Danielleorama said...

I'm glad you're having a break in the weather :) Today was pretty nice here too, but the weather has actually been crap so you're not missing much.

p.s. They sell 240 watt lightbulbs!! aaaaand CA misses you too<3