Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Don't forget to forget you forgot me

cause when I show up at your door, I'm gonna remember that you were my friend, and fall asleep on your floor...

ahhh I am leaving the day after tomorrow. wow. :D Hopefully I will have something interesting to blog about soon, right now it is all:

pack pack pack
clean clean clean
buy stuff and do stuff for my trip
worry, wonder, daydream

sounds pretty exciting, huh?

Have a very productive day guys!


Claire said...

Actually, super exciting! Have a good/safe drive! (I think it was the end of January that we moved to Ohio- what a drive!)
Which route are you taking?
All the best!

Miss Bliss said...

Your going to have a great time, I can tell! Enjoy it, how many times do you get to drive across this great country of ours? Be safe....

sage said...


I wanted to say hello and that I have enjoyed reading your blog recenty. I found it via my friend Liz aka Hobbledehoy's blog. I just started my own blog recently and linked yours since it is inspiring to read about other crafters and their adventures. I hope you don't mind! I just love your little plushies!

Best of luck to you with your drive across the country and welcome back to this side of the country (I am from PA!)

Have fun!

moogan said...

have a great time on your big move/road trip!

Erin with an E said...

Hope you have a safe, fun trip back to our lovely state. :)