Thursday, January 31, 2008

self portrait thursday 1/31/08

Did I tell you how cold it is here? I am going nuts. I have to wear a scarf like almost 24 hours a day. It is ridiculous :D Well, its not *that* cold, just like 10 degrees or something. I miss my 50 degrees! I seriously was outside yesterday and felt like my skin had frostbite in like 10 seconds! Crazy.

I did get to sew like crazy yesterday, and for some reason I was all about the squirrels. I ended up with 3 squirrel pouches and 2 squirrel plush. I sewed so much that I even made myself a bag out of that fancy woodgrain fabric from before. It always rocks when I get so much done I feel like I even deserve something as a prize! It is awesome.

I am totally going to see Juno this afternoon by myself. I think it will be fun for me. I talked to Ryan, he moved into his new place yesterday. He said Baby is doing good. I miss her so much. She is really the best dog ever. Just writing about her is making me super sad. I have some stuff to send her to her new house. I hope she likes it. She was always there for me when I was bummed out. I think she will be good, she is pretty adaptable. I mean, she did so great moving across the country and all, she could probably take on anything.

I think today will be more sewing, I have to go and get some more muslin from the fabric store. I should probably pick up some more thread, I have been going through so much.

P.S. I delivered the Lions to Sydney and Quinn and they went over pretty awesomely. That is why I sew toys for sure. Sydney said "I wanted that!" I was like "great, that is why I made it" then she took care of it for the rest of the afternoon. It made me feel pretty wonderful!


Claire said...

Aw. That's a tough transition. (I do recall the shock of what 10 degrees feels like after living in California! Not pleasant!) Hope you adjust soon and have lots and lots of layers to pile on.
Oh! And we've been eating that tortilla soup you posted about on your other blog like non stop this winter. Such a good recipe! I've been tweaking it around, and I posted the altered recipe up on my blog. Hope you don't mind...

moogan said...

stay warm, spring will be here soon.
juno is a great film to lift the spirits.