Monday, January 28, 2008

New designs and marathon sewing

Sydney's lion, originally uploaded by laurensmashtoys.

I am really loving on my sewing machine lately. It is so good for me and is making my days feel pretty good. I think I told you that Sydney, my friend's daughter has requested a lion from me. This is version 2. :D I really like how it came out and I really like the faux fur. It is a soft pink and looks good with almost every color so far. I chose not to make the fur go all the way around, it just looked better to me. So I am pretty happy that I have finished my first new design since I have been back. There are a few more in the design mode. I am glad the struggle to make the things that make me the happiest is starting to ease up. I hate how that happens. Life is crazy.

I will say it is being made easier to not fall into the trap of doing nothing by my mom! I was so thrilled when I came home and she was sewing!!! She had received a sewing machine about a year ago and didn't take it out of the box until just recently but she has been sewing a lot and that makes me feel good. She is also doing a lot of embroidery and I hope she will teach me how.

Today will be some sewing, some job applying for and some thread buying(I used a whole spool of my mom's so I have to get her some too) and actually I think some apple muffin making cause I am really wanting some right now. I think that is what I am going to do right now :D

I am feeling good about this week.

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Danielleorama said...

Love the new design and the valentine guys<3 So glad you're back and sewing!!