Friday, January 4, 2008

I know it's dark here, you know that I'm scared too

For some reason right now, of everything but you
Right now you're all that I recognize

Last night was fun, I had some time to kill after work before I went home, so I went to the bookstore and picked up the second book in the His Dark Materials series, which are the books that the Golden Compass comes from. The book I bought is called The Subtle Knife. So far its pretty awesome. After reading the lord of the flies and hating it, I was pretty determined to buy something I was going to enjoy. I really liked the Golden Compass, it was really entertaining. The Subtle Knife is turning out to be even better. It sort of reminds me of a book that Stephen King collaborated on with Peter Straub called The Talisman. It has a kid as the main character going between worlds on a journey. That is a super good read for me. There are some books that after reading I say damn I wish I could erase that from my brain and read it over. That book is one of them. So, anyways, I read a bunch in the Subtle Knife, and had coffee and waited.

When I finally got home, I didn't feel like eating so I picked up my yarn and my needles and knitted and purled a little. I then picked up stitch and bitch and read a bunch in that. I was going to try and learn to bind off but I was distracted by my growling tummy and put that down to try some more tonight. After dinner, I picked up the Subtle Knife again and read some more.

Then I got bored of that and made this bunny:


All in all, I feel good about last night. This weekend is going to be filled with organizing and packing and over all getting things ready for my trip next Thursday.

It is also my last day of work which rules. :D

It is also a crazy downpour in San Francisco and from walking to work from the train today, I am soaking wet up to my mid thigh! Crazy. Soon I will be frozen and snowed in. I can't wait. :D

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