Sunday, May 25, 2008

Day to myself.

wow. I definitely forgot how great time alone to yourself by yourself all day long is. :D

I painted my toes, got some new shoes and a couple new shirts from American Apparel. I love their shirts, they are so soft!

I plan to do laundry, watch catty t.v., and order pizza tonight. Hopefully there are some cheesy bad movies on. I may sew too, I would like to get a jump on things for when I am in cali...

Speaking of that...I am getting my shit together for my (super early)trip on Thursday morning. I am actually flying out of Columbus instead of Cleveland and thankfully my brother and his fiance live down there so I am staying at their house Wednesday night. It should be interesting. I need to get some candy and snacks together for the plane ride.

I am anxious, even more so after talking to Ryan yesterday. I hope things are smooth and fun.

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