Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What is another thing to do to get you back on track?

Exercise! I rode my bike today and it felt good. As you can see, I don't just roll up one pant leg, they both get rolled due to LaurenSmash fashion rules. I like my socks to show.

AND guess what: I still have time to sew some stuff up!

I made really good pasta sauce for dinner. I put Hot Shot in it, which is a mix of red and black pepper and accidentilly dumped a ton of Hot Shot in the sauce. I tried to scoop most of it out but way more stayed in than I would have liked. My mouth was on fire. It was tasty! I am loving being outside! It was nice today.

I can't wait to list all of my new stuff! I have a little stockpile going. It makes me very happy.

I did get a trip to the craft store in today too! Paint brushes for a fun new project, felt and an embroidery hoop so I can hang my heidi kenney embroidery in a cooler way. Oh and some $1 yarn for a doll for my buddy Sydney. And maybe a couple for the shop. We will see how it comes out.

I also found a star shaped mirror that I think I am going to buy with my next pay check. I should start stockpiling stuff for an apartment! Positive thinking is going to get me out of this house, that and a second job. I have to do some applying I think!! :D

P.S. go Cavs!

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