Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fancy Pants Dinner....

Mmm! Quality time with me and Amy's organic Enchilada dinner. Oh and a vanilla cupcake with strawberry mousse on top.

Words can't tell you how much I love these. :D I stopped after work at the grocery store today for some stuff and I had to get these!

I am feeling very up today. Spending so much time alone and with my sewing machine has been good for me.

I am working on a trade that is *way* overdue, and another one for a lovely girl. I love trading art! It is so inspiring. I can't wait until I get my own space, I am going to have so much art! I can't wait to decorate. I am trying to get my sister to get me a job at the restaurant she works at, just for a few days a week.

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