Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Were you planning on staying forever?

You don't fit in this hole, or don't you remember?
Hold your breath
Walk, don't run, through the graveyard

Is this why you've worked so hard?
Is this why you've run so far?
Same place, same hello, same goodbye
Helps you pick through beat up insides

I went out for some good conversation and wine with a good, old friend. I had a great time, had a really deep talk, and found someone to go see the alkaline trio with me on my birthday!!

I also got to talk to someone else about not feeling like I fit in here in Ohio. It is weird. It was fun to talk about moving to Oregon! :D I would definitely love that I think.

I painted my nails and I packed up for my trip.

Guess what? Ryan is going to be in Thrasher! I am so excited for him! It is the July issue so keep an eye out!! :D

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