Saturday, May 24, 2008

Road trips are fun!

even if you are just driving to pick up your drums from Ryan's parents house!

I really enjoyed my break from Cleveland scenery, people, and everything. I loved my talks with Ryan's mom and stepdad, they are truly sweet and awesome people, and I miss being around them. They make me miss Ryan a lot.

I love this picture of me driving. It was almost dark and I loved how my pancake keychain looked in that light.

I miss Toledo, and Ryan and all of that. I am really looking forward to my trip next week. I can't wait to see him and the dog.


missysioux said...

who are the cleveland people you need a break from? :( it seems like you're mentally in CA...

Erin with an E said...

I'm sorry we missed each other while you were in Toledo! We definitely need to get together next time! I ate ice cream yesterday and thought of you... :)