Monday, March 14, 2011


I love the weekends. I always get so much sewing done! Ryan and I, as I have mentioned before, always try to use Sundays to our advantage and work all day. We didn't quite work ALL day, but we worked and we worked hard. I am working on a really fun pattern, McCall's 5851. It is "crafty" or something like that. I think that just means the shirt I am making has bows on it.

Or you can make it with yoyos on it too. Whatever it is, its really adorable and easy to sew. I am not finished yet, but I am getting close. I have the shirt completed, it just needs the bows on it. Well, I have to finish the bows first and then sew them on the shirt.

I also finished my spring plushies. Chocolate bunnies a la the advertisements of my youth(my bunnies were never hollow shout out to Baker's Chocolates in Cleveland Ohio! what what!!) I just always liked the looks of the hollow bunnies!

And little, snuggly lambs to cuddle up with!

They will be going in the shop sometime this week. I am trying to live up this time change, I already failed this morning when my alarm told me to abandon my bed and workout, I silenced it and slept for an additional hour. But to be fair I am going to try and work out tonight after dinner. That and finish up the bows!

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