Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Slow work week

Hey there! I have not been that lazy so far this week, but I also have nothing to show for my hard working sew-a-thon on Saturday. I bought this pattern and fabric and I hate the results. I might try again with a solid color fabric that is really sturdy. I just do not usually have luck with patterns for some reason. I think this particular one was too light for me. Honestly, almost my entire wardrobe is solid colors.

I will try with this lovely fabric here. I think a good step out of solid for me can be black and white. You can't really go wrong with black and white. This is going to be my bow shirt, minus the bows. It is seriously the easiest pattern ever, perfect for a beginner I think. But I am saying that with a few years of sewing under my belt where I have learned things such as: when you think "What? Why would I do it like that? That makes no sense" that in the long run, it will make sense and you should USUALLY do it the way its written. Even though it is confusing and doesn't make sense at the time. I have learned also to take sewing 1 step at a time. 1. Cut out pattern pieces. 2. Cut out fabric. 3. follow instructions STEP by STEP! It will pay off. And also to make sure that you read the finished garment measurements on the package. They count. And to pay attention to seem allowances. They are important. You don't want to swim in your pretty new clothes!

I still have a lot to learn. But that is the fun part about sewing. Always something new and fun to push yourself with.

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JaymiPop said...

Love the black and white fabric!!! Can't wait to see the finished product.