Thursday, March 24, 2011


I was going to have a post of a new shirt for this week, but the stuff I sewed on the weekend I threw out and then the second thing I had cut out I didn't feel like sewing during the week. Which is no fun, cause usually if I just MAKE myself, I can work. But I couldn't make myself this week.

What I did do was scour cooking sites, cook amazing things and work out a bunch. Tonight I am taking a night off of working out to have a friend over and have him cook us dinner. Yum. I hope we have sandwiches. Cause I am easy like that. Easy like Sunday morning. Or something like that. Back to working out tomorrow and Saturday now that I am skipping today. I do vow to make TWO shirts this weekend and find something new to watch on Netflix now that I have exhausted 8 seasons of That '70s show...

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