Sunday, March 27, 2011


What a nice weekend! I got some cool new stuff, I hung out with my love and my Babydog, and I got some work done! That is all I ask for a great weekend.

Because I am on a new kick of cooking and planning meals, I have been tirelessly searching food blogs for ideas. I stumbled upon this fabulous site It has a little bit of everything, but I love how she writes things out and all that. When I was planning my meals for the week, I decided that I was going to have homemade rolls for dinner with my eggplant pasta and then bread for our sandwiches and for our blackbean burgers this week.

Tammy had some easy-looking recipes, and I have been DYING to try out the dough hook on my Kitchenaid.

So, I made her garlic knots recipe for my pasta tonight. It turned out amazing. The bread was soft and tasty and the garlic butter on the top made it super extra special.

I also made the wheat bread recipe. I will let you know how that turns out tomorrow! It is going to be awesome if I am now a bread baker. I hate spending $5 on a loaf of bread if I can make it myself at home! And it is so much fun for me to bake too. I usually don't even mind the cleanup.

As far as working goes, I got another shirt done, with the black and white pattern. I also cut out another shirt which I will work on this week. They are both the bow pattern minus the bows. Again, the easiest pattern in the universe. it is seriously 4 pieces(6 if you count the lining) and like under 10 steps. Amazing and adorable.

Oh and I saw the funniest thing today! I always seem to forget that I live in a tourist city. It is scenes like these, people checking the map in my little neighborhood that reminds me that I live in an extra neat place that people want to visit. I shouldn't have to be reminded cause I like being here too!

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