Monday, March 7, 2011

Hey There!

I hope your weekend was fun! I had a good time working on lots of projects! I made a shirt, which I will have pictures of later this week, when I can find some better light! But I got a lot done with the help of That 70's Show! I am officially down one item on my summer sewing list! I can't wait to share the pic. It is a good shape with a boatneck and an empire waist. It is really 60's and cute.

I also started work on one of my two spring time little plushies. I am making chocolate bunnies and little lambs. I finished up a lamb yesterday and am working now on my chocolate bunny today.

I love it so much! I just want to cuddle it! Ryan and i had a really good day yesterday working on art/crafts. I really love that time we have together creating. It really makes our bond strong. It is funny though because he was listening to records and I was watching TV on my computer with one headphone in so I could listen to records and the show. I love the distraction.

In other news, I have to buy a new sewing machine. It seems my trusty old one is on its last leg. I don't even like typing that in case it curses me. I need it to hang on for at least another week!

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