Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Plush Love

Hello there! I am so glad to say I have some cutie pie stuff listed on etsy. It is always fun to get inspired for different seasons! What I listed were these little snuggle bunnies and lambs!

I also have been working on a bird for my sister best friend in-law(is that what you call your best friend's sister?) who is having a little baby girl in the not too far off future. So I drew something out, and I think I am going to make some for the shop too! I am going to work on that tonight. Designing toys is so much fun for me, I love coming up with an idea, drawing it out and making it come to life. I feel the same way after I make something for myself as well. I love the feeling of making something with my own two hands and being able to use my creativity every day. It is something that I had to train myself to do, and something I know that ebbs and flows so I have to eat up the times that I am feeling super creative. Tonight I am going to try and finish up the bows for my new shirt so I can wear it on Friday!

I am feeling so good tonight after a really fun, good workout with my Billy Blanks Taebo(This is Tae Bo). It doesn't keep you on anything too long that you are like "oh this is so boring and long" It is good for my ADD. I don't actually think I have ADD, but Ryan does and sometimes I think that I have picked up some of his habits of not having an attention span. But anyways what I want to say is that it is fun and great cardio. I am learning about changing my habits too. Choosing to do well and choosing to make my body and health better. I just have to tell myself that every day!

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