Sunday, March 13, 2011


Saturdays are one of my very favorite times. I get a day to myself to do whatever! First I take Babydog for a walk in the park! I love our time together, especially on a beautiful day!

I also like to take a little road trip to a city south of us and shop a little! (after I jam to some tunes hahah this weekend was Goldfinger and Green Day) On this Saturday, I went to Target!(woo hoo so boring!) I picked up a new book and a new work out video! I am trying to get into a little routine on weekday mornings where I do some cardio!!

Then I went to Jo Ann's and get fabric. I LOVE shopping for fabric. This time I had a good coupon! I got some pretty fabric to make another thing from my summer list!

Then I came home, finished up my Spring time plushies, and made some vanilla extract! I used this recipe... It was easy and I can't wait to use it in a month or so!

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