Friday, March 4, 2011

Spring/summer wardrobe

downsize.jpg, originally uploaded by laurensmashtoys.

So, I have a bunch of patterns that I have been buying up with my summer wardrobe in mind. These are my favorites right now and I am going to start working on them this weekend. I have the boatneck cut out and fabric for the bow shirt. I can't wait to show them to you!

I am loving on sewing, I think I just need to remember to SLOW DOWN and focus when I am sewing. Sometimes I get so frustrated. That is when I need to shift my focus to something else. Things don't need to nebe done in one day.

I love having handmade pieces be a part of my wardrobe!


JaymiPop said...

You are awesome! Can't wait to see your creations!!!

uncle mildred said...

ive been watching a lot of that 70's show too. oh that fez