Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Night and I am feeling alright!

Hey there! Happy Friday! I hope all is well! I am having a great day! I am having a good hair day, my workout felt good and I am now waiting for Ryan to come home so we can get PIZZA! I have lots of fun things planned for myself for the weekend and I even have some planning done for the week! Like Meals!

And I am not joking when I say that this working out business is giving me all sorts of new motivations and energy. I have been cooking up a storm and sewing up a storm and filled with ideas of things to do! It is great and it feels great. It is weird. I always love to work out when I am working out, but for some reason the periods of my life that I do not work out I can't be motivated to do it. EVEN though it feels so great! So heres to keeping on riding this way of energy and motivation and getting things done!

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Danielleorama said...

Isn't it strange how that works with the working out?? I dunno why I am sooo resistant to something that makes me so happy. Also oh my goodness! I loooove your lighter hair!